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There will be more like this to make a game with hmmm 5/7 different level themes?

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yeah, im currently have forest(done) and undersea (in progress)
my list for next tile:
-ice tile
-desert tile
-underground/mine tile

may i know which one you and everyone prefer
16x16 tile or 32x32 tile
A or B

A is a way better

As there will be an option to buy ALL in bundle? 

yes when i finish 5 tiles set at least

So I need to wait. How long it could take? A month? 

Can you add other payment options like Paypal? Card payment using Swipe does not work here :(

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sorry for your inconvenience, you now can buy with paypal, and thank you for telling me  about paypal :). still new here

Thanks, just bought it :)